Whether your children are playing in your backyard or a local fun center, it is important they understand trampoline safety and accident prevention.

Seattle Personal Injury Attorney: Keeping Your Kids Safe on Trampolines

This week we covered the troubling story of an indoor trampoline playground in Bellevue that has faced five personal injury lawsuits in the past six months alone. In the most recent incident, a child suffered a severe head injury and skull fracture when he jumped from a trampoline at Sky High Sports into a foam pit that contained an exposed metal pipe. 

Unfortunately, while trampolines can be fun for people of all ages, a significant number of child injuries in Seattle occur each year due to trampoline accidents, both in private play areas and in backyards.

Let’s review some trampoline safety tips:

  • Make sure your trampoline is level and in an open space. Avoid placing the trampoline on a slope, next to a hazard (such as an exterior house wall or fence), or on unstable ground.
  • Install trampoline nets and pads. Trampoline nets can help prevent children from falling off of the trampoline and onto hard ground, and pads protect children from the springs of the trampoline. However, you should realize that these safety precautions do not prevent all injuries and accidents.
  • Enforce age limits. Children jumping should be mature and have full control of their body’s movements. Many trampoline manufacturers suggest that children under the age of six should not use trampolines.
  • Have one child jump at a time. Many trampoline accidents take place when children collide while bouncing, or when one child’s bounce propels another child off of the trampoline. Prevent these incidents by limiting the number of children on the trampoline. 
  • Supervise your children. Much like swimming or organized sports, children should be supervised while jumping on a trampoline. Parents who watch their kids play can ensure that the above rules are obeyed and discourage other rough or dangerous behavior. 

While some trampoline accidents simply are accidents, others might be prevented if not for the negligence of the trampoline company or the trampoline’s owner. If your child has been injured in a Seattle trampoline accident that you believe should have been prevented, speak with a Washington child injury attorney today. The Andrew Kim Law Firm offers parents a free, private consultation. Call toll-free today at 800-636-3637 to schedule your meeting.