Your loved one died in a car accident, and you decide you want to file a Seattle wrongful death suit. Here’s what must be proven before you might win.

Proving Seattle Wrongful Death From a Car Crash

You just received a phone call that will change your life forever: your loved one was killed in a car accident. You go through the motions and attend the funeral and the wake, but now you want to know what you can do to get your innocent loved one justice.

In order to become successful, your lawyer will need to prove at least four things in your Seattle wrongful death claim:

  1. Your attorney will need to show that the driver or drivers was at fault, or liable, for the accident that resulted in the death of your loved one.
  2. Your attorney must show that the other driver acted negligently in causing the accident. That means the driver failed to exercise the proper high level of care that we expect motor vehicle operators to demonstrate.
  3. Your attorney must show that the deceased loved one is survived by a spouse, or by children, or by other beneficiaries or dependents.
  4. Your attorney must show that the death of your loved one has caused injury, or damages, to those close relatives. Those injuries can be financial, emotional, psychological, or social in nature.

In order to prove these factors, your lawyer will rely on witness testimony, police reports, photographs, or other types of evidence that was collected after the crash.

Losing a loved one in a sudden and devastating manner such as a crash is extremely difficult to go through. Filing a Seattle wrongful death suit may help you move on and help those around you who are having financial troubles since the tragedy occurred.

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