Although ski resorts are usually places of winter activities and family fun, they may also be the site of a slip and fall accident or another type of premises liability incident. In this legal article, learn about common accidents and ski areas and what to do if you or a loved one has been injured at a ski lodge or on the slopes.

Slip And Fall Accidents At Washington State Ski Resorts

This week we covered the story of a slip and fall personal injury lawsuit that was filed in Seattle regarding the Mount Baker Ski Area in Bellingham, Washington. According to the premises liability lawsuit, the man was attempting to board a ski lift when the lift struck in him the back and caused him to fall off of the platform and 20 feet to the ground. He suffered serious injuries.

Also recently in the news, a ski lift accident at the popular ski slope Sugar Loaf left six people injured. In 2008, a man fell down a flight of stairs and was paralyzed at a local ski resort. The man sued the resort, claiming that he had been served too much alcohol at a party hosted by the resort.

While ski resorts and ski areas are great places for family fun, winter vacations, and relaxation on the slopes, they can also be a prime location for slip and fall accidents and other accidents and injuries. While some of these accidents come with the territory of a ski vacation, other accidents could have been prevented if not for the negligence of the ski resort itself.

Here are just a few examples of ski resort slip and fall cases and ski area premises liability cases:

•    A skier or snowboarder collides with an object or person while on the slopes.
•    A person is injured in a ski lift accident that could have been caused by poor maintenance, a design flaw, or another issue.
•    A person is injured or killed by an avalanche while skiing or snowboarding.
•    A person is injured in a slip and fall accident on resort property, such as in the lodge, in a cabin, or in a restaurant.
•    A person is injured in a slip and fall accident while walking on ice or snow that should have been removed.
•    A person is injured in a snowmobile accident while on resort property.

If you have been injured at a Washington ski resort and believe that the resort should have prevented your accident or somehow caused your accident, talk to a slip and fall attorney today.