Although a sip and fall injury can be painful no matter how old you are, the risk of suffering severe injuries increases as you age. Click here to see why.

Protecting Your Older Loved Ones From Slip and Fall Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 33% of adults over the age of 65 suffer a serious fall every year. These falls account for over 2.5 million emergency room visits due to significant fractures and long-term injuries associated with the fragility of age. This is why it is extremely important for you and your loved ones to not only know the risks involved with falling accidents, but also how to protect against such accidents.

Aging Increases Slip and Fall Risks

The most common causes of a slip and fall accidents result from being unable to identify the danger. By actively paying attention to where you walk, over 50% of slip and fall accidents can be completely avoided. Furthermore, if you fail to recognize the danger until it is too late, you can still brace yourself to limit injury. Unfortunately, both of these measures become increasingly difficult the older you get as a result of the following effects of aging:

  • Poor eyesight. As we age, our sight begins to weaken. What would have been easily recognized as a danger in our 20s, becomes a non-threatening blur in our 70s. In addition, depth perception can become affected, making it difficult to step over objects or judge the height of stairs.
  • Muscle pain and arthritis. Muscles tend to lose elasticity as we age, making it harder and more painful to stretch and react. As a mature adult, being able to side step a potential hazard is not only difficult but could be painfully impossible.
  • Weak bones. Just as muscles tend to degrade, bone strength tends to weaken overtime. Although weak bones may not directly cause a fall, when a fall occurs their frailty will drastically increase injury severity. What may have been a simple bruise for a 30-year-old could wind up being multiple fractures for an 80-year-old.
  • Instability. Muscle pain, poor eyesight, bone weakness, and a host of other geriatric ailments can also cause overall instability in mature adults. Poor depth perception can throw off balance, shakiness can cause missteps, and weak muscles can prevent proper step height.

Education and Support

Slip and fall injuries are no joke, especially for the elderly. In fact, a simple fall could be life-threatening if not handled properly. We take special pride in educating our clients to help prevent slip and fall tragedies, as well as help them get back on their feet after a fall. If you’re over the age of 65, or have a loved one over the age of 65, take a few moments to read more about filing a slip and fall claim. You’ll be glad for the support.