Speeding is the cause of a surprising number of car accidents in Washington State and King County. Luckily, speeding is one of the easiest causes of car accidents to prevent. In this article, learn how you can curb your speeding habits and help make Washington roads safer for everyone.

Prevent Washington Car Accidents - Don't Speed!

In April, The Washington Traffic Safety Commission and Washington police departments across the state are teaming together for the Slow Down or Pay Up campaign – a campaign that strives to prevent speeding and speeding-related car accidents in WA. While the two groups hope that the focus on speeding will raise awareness and reduce speeding accident injuries, all Washington drivers can help prevent speeding accidents by doing their part:

•    Look for and obey speed limit signs. First and foremost, be aware of the speed limit and on the lookout for changes in the speed limit. Speed limits often change when you merge or turn onto a new road or when you enter a residential or commercial area.
•    Realize that speed limits are limits, not suggestions. Just because a speed limit is 45 miles per hour does not mean that you need to drive 45 miles per hour. If you are not comfortable driving at the speed limit, you should feel comfortable going at a slower speed. However, if you are going significantly under the speed limit, put on your hazard lights to signal your speed to other drivers.
•    Slow down in poor weather conditions. Snow, rain, fog, or ice can be hazardous and greatly increase the chances of an accident. Also note that you can be pulled over for driving too fast in inclement weather even if you were going below the posted speed limit.
•    Slow down in heavy traffic. Again, a speed limit is a maximum speed, not a suggested speed. If there is heavy traffic on the roads, slow down to a safer speed.
•    Slow down if the car in front of your is traveling slowly. If the car in front of you is taking their time, don’t tailgate or make an illegal pass. Adjust your speed to theirs and keep a safe distance.
•    Teach your teens about the dangers of speeding. A large number of speeding accidents and speeding fatalities involved young drivers. Talk to your children about space driving speeds and the risks associated with speeding and racing.