Did you suffer paralysis from an accident? Here, find out the treatments that you may need and your right to compensation from the negligent party.

Catastrophic Accidents Caused by Negligence That Lead Victims to Suffer Paralysis

An injury to the spinal cord can cause partial or complete paralysis. This can result in permanent changes to a person’s strength, sensations, abilities, and bodily functions below the site of the injury. Victims of an accident caused by another party’s negligence can find coping with the financial and emotional costs of this injury overwhelming. If you were paralyzed in an accident, we are here to help you fight for the compensation you deserve from the negligent party.

What Are Common Accidents That Lead to Paralysis?

Strokes, cancer, heart disease, and alcohol use are some of the non-accidental causes of paralysis. However, paralysis is most commonly caused by a sudden, traumatic blow to the spine in an accident. Some common accidents causing this devastating injury include:

  • Auto, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Falls
  • Acts of violence, such as gunshot wounds
  • Sports and recreational activities
  • Medical malpractice

Treatments You May Need If You Become Paralyzed Due to an Accident

Victims of accidents can suffer paralysis of a limb, to a side of their body, to both legs, or to both legs, arms, and the chest. In addition to being paralyzed, an accident victim could suffer complications, such as bowel and bladder control problems, skin conditions, and circulatory and respiratory conditions, which also require medical treatment. Unfortunately, complete paralysis cannot be reversed. Treatments that are often needed when a person is paralyzed in an accident include:

  • Emergency care to maintain the person’s ability to breathe, prevent further spinal cord damage, and prevent shock
  • Immobilization to limit further damage to the neck and spinal cord
  • Surgery to remove bone fragments, herniated disks, or fractured vertebrae, and to stabilize the spine
  • Extensive rehabilitation with a physical and occupational therapist, rehabilitation nurse, psychologist, social worker, and doctor who specializes in this type of rehabilitation
  • Medications to reduce pain and complications from paralysis
  • Adaptive aids, such as wheelchairs, computer adaptations, other electronic aids, electronic stimulation devices to help regain movement in affected limbs, and robotic gait training to relearn how to walk
  • Innovative treatments to reduce the effects of paralysis and increase a victim’s mobility and independence

Were you or a loved one paralzyed as a result of an accident caused by another party’s negligence? You could face enormous financial costs for your medical and other care for the rest of your life and may become permanently disabled. However, you can hold the negligent party liable for compensating you for your medical treatments, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  Due to the catastrophic nature of your injuries, your claim for compensation may be worth a substantial amount and you may need to fight harder and longer for the compensation you deserve. Let our experienced personal injury attorneys help. Call our office today to schedule your free consultation.

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