if you haven't ridden your motorcycle all winter, it's important to tune up your bike and hone your riding skills before taking off on your first summer trip.

It’s Spring Check Up Time For Your Motorcycle: Ride Safe This Summer!

Now that spring is upon us, many motorcycle owners are dusting off their bikes and preparing for summer rides in the sun. However, there are some important steps you should take with your motorcycle before hitting the road. It’s important to remember that your bike probably needs some care before you ride again – and that your skills may be rusty from the long winter. Motorcycle accidents and motorcycle fatalities skyrocket in the spring and early summer in Washington State, and for good reason. Make sure that your return to the road is as safe as possible.

•    Do a thorough pre-ride inspection. You can either inspect the bike yourself or bring it into a mechanic. Be sure to check the air pressure of your tires, the lubrication of the levers and petals, the bike’s cables, the lights, the oil levels, the fluids, the frame, and the stands.
•    Flip through your owner’s manual. Many motorcycle owners manuals will have a detailed checklist of mechanics to check and test to conduct after a winter in the garage. These lists are great tools since they are bike-specific.
•    Let your bike warm up. Don’t turn on the engine and zip out onto the street. Start the engine and let the bike idle without revving the engine. Then check the idle speed and the kill switch.
•    Check your motorcycle insurance coverage. If you have lowered or removed insurance coverage on your bike over the winter, now is the time to call up your insurer and change back to your summer coverage. This is also a good time to consider switching insurance or looking for a lower rate.
•    Realize that you are rusty too. Even if you have been riding motorcycles for years or decades, getting back on for the first time after a few months off can make you more susceptible to accidents. Make your first ride a short, easy one on roads that you are familiar with. Avoid extremely curvy two-way highways and the interstate your first day out. Give yourself time to wake up your muscle memory and reacquaint yourself with your bike. You have all summer for adventures.

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