Your friends may call you clumsy, but slip and fall accidents are more common (and more dangerous) than you may think. Click here to see why.

Protecting Against the Alarming Risks of Slip and Fall Accidents Protecting Against the Alarming Risks of Slip and Fall Accidents

Considering all the types of accidents that you could potentially suffer each day, a slip and fall doesn’t really seem that serious. After all, a small stumble will most likely only give you a few bruises or maybe a cut or two. But what if the slip and fall was more than just a simple stumble?

Many people are bowled over to discover just how serious slip and fall injures can be, let alone how expensive.

Important Slip and Fall Statistics

For almost a hundred years, the National Safety Council has used a publication called Injury Facts to report on nationwide safety statistics. Their latest report, in conjunction with reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, sheds new light on the true danger of slip and falls. Some of their findings suggest that slip and fall accidents:

  • Occur as a result of various factors and negligence
  • Account for over a million hospital visits a year
  • Are a leading cause of death throughout every age group beginning at age 35
  • Become more prevalent with every decade of life—40-year-olds are more at risk than 30-year-olds, 80-year-olds are four times at risk than 40-year-olds, etc.
  • Are the third most common cause of unintentional fatal injury
  • Account for more than ten percent of fatal work injuries, resulting in nearly 700 deaths a year, and more than 20 percent of nonfatal work injuries

Strolling Over the Stats

As slip and fall attorneys, we know how painful and confusing a slip and fall accident can be—the fall itself can literally turn your world upside down. This is why we want to help prevent future slip and falls in every way that we can. Although part of the solution is to hold property owners accountable for negligence, there are also small steps you can take to protect yourself and your family from painful accidents. These steps include making sure that when you’re walking, you do the following:

  • Take your time. Speed usually isn't your friend, especially in inclement weather. Slow down and make sure you have good footing before continuing on your way. 
  • Pay attention. You're constantly surrounded by potential hazards. Take the time to look before you step to ensure the coast is clear and the ground is safe.
  • Use handrails. When going up or down stairs, always use handrails or bannisters for extra support. If you have stability issues, you may want to consider a cane or walker for additional support.
  • Wear proper shoes. Although dress shoes and high heels may be fashionable, they usually fail in providing adequate traction. Make sure you wear the proper shoes for the occasion, weather, and environment to prevent slippage.

Although many slip and fall accidents are preventable, some are not. If a property owner’s negligence leads directly to your injury, you need to step up and fight back by seeking experienced legal support about a premises liability claim. If everyone took the time to make sure that their property was safe for others, we would have many fewer tragic slip and fall cases each year. Stop suffering and call now. Remember, it’s our job to get you back on your feet.

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