Many slip and fall accidents in Washington State occur on stairs, stairwells, and steps. Learn more about examples of staircase slip and fall accidents, as well as common injuries associated with stairway slip and falls.

Staircase Slip And Fall Injuries | Falling Down Stairs | Washington Slip & Fall Attorneys

We've all fallen down on stairs or steps in our lifetimes, whether we've missed one step or stumbled down an entire staircase after a trip or fall. But could your Washington staircase slip and fall accident be due to someone else's negligence? If you slipped and fell on stairs simply because you lost your balance, weren't watching where you were going, or were moving too fast, you probably do not have a slip and fall injury case. However, if your slip and fall could have been prevented if not for the carelessness or inattention of the property's owner, you may be owed compensation for your medical bill, lost wages, or other damages.

Here are a few examples of possible premises liability related to a staircase slip and fall incident:

· In your Tacoma apartment building you slip and fall on slick stairs that do not have a tread on them. Although a number of tenants had written complaints to the super complaining about the slick stairs and demanding the additions of treads, no action was taken.

· In a Seattle hotel, you tumble down a flight of stairs after missing the first step, resulting in a fractured ankle. You didn't know about the stairs because the hallway leading to the stairs was so dark and poorly lit.

· In a Bellevue antique store, you are climbing the stairs to the second story when the railing of the stairs gives way. You fall backwards, injuring your back. You find out that another customer had been injured in the same way a month before.

· Your Seattle apartment building's front stairs often becomes wet with water or ice on the winter months - a problem that has been discussed at building meetings but never solved. When you slip on ice a few months later, you suffer a mild brain injury.