Was a surgical error the cause of your loved one’s death? Here, we explain common surgical errors that lead to the filing of wrongful death actions.

Surgical Errors That May Have Caused the Death of a Loved One and Entitle You to Compensation in a Wrongful Death Action

Some people incorrectly believe that surgical errors occur only in complex surgical procedures. However, doctors, nurses, and other health care providers can make mistakes in routine surgeries that can lead patients to suffer serious injuries or death. If a family member died as a result of mistakes made during his surgery, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses from his doctor and any other negligent parties in a wrongful death action.

Common Surgical Mistakes That Could Entitle You to Compensation in a Wrongful Death Action

When considering whether medical malpractice caused your loved one’s death, it is important to keep in mind that not all complications, deteriorations in a patient’s condition, or deaths are caused by surgical errors or other medical malpractice. However, tragic mistakes do occur. Common ones that could give you the right to compensation include:

  • Foreign objects. As unbelievable as it may seem, scalpels, gauze, clamps, and other surgical equipment have been left in patients’ bodies by nurses and doctors. This can cause a person to experience extreme pain, serious infections, and death.
  • Wrong patient. When records are not properly checked or there is a lack of communication between staff, a tragic death can result if the wrong patient is operated on.
  • Wrong body parts. Another common error is for doctors to operate on the wrong body part. This can lead to the senseless amputation of a body part or unnecessary removal of a patient’s organ.
  • Anesthesia.  Anesthesia mistakes can have serious consequences. If too much anesthesia is administered, this can cause the patient to get too little oxygen—resulting in permanent brain damage or death. If too little anesthesia is given, the patient could wait up during surgery and experience extreme pain and trauma.
  • Nerve damage. When a doctor is performing surgery, he could nick or sever a nerve, causing a patient to suffer life-long pain, infection, disability, or die as a result of complications.

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