A few inexpensive purchases can make biking to work or biking for pleasure much safer and much more enjoyable. Do you have a helmet, rear view mirrors, reflectors, and a headlight for your bike?

The Best Bike Safety Accessories To Avoid Bike Crashes in Washington

Biking as a regular form of transportation is a wonderful idea - it saves you gas, it is a great for of exercise, and it's good for the planet. However, as most cyclists know, biking can be dangerous in high-traffic areas, especially if you don't have the right bike safety equipment. Thousands of bike riders die each year when they are hit by cars or trucks - learn how you can avoid many of the dangers of biking on the road with a few simple purchases.

· A helmet. This is the obvious safety accessory, and although Washington State does not have a statewide helmet law, many counties and cities in Washington do. Very simply, a helmet can save your life if you are in an accident. Helmets also prevent or minimize brain injuries and head injuries - two common injuries for cyclists who get hit by cars or trucks.

· A horn. Usually we think of bells on bicycles and horns on cars, but often bells aren't loud or alarming enough for people in cars or trucks to hear. A full-blown horn can alert oncoming cars of your presence, especially near dawn or dusk when you are harder to see. They are especially useful at intersections or if you see a car who obviously doesn't see you.

· A headlight. Although a reflective gear is a must (by law) at night, headlights can also be very useful in riding to alert the cars around you of your presence. Many lights have a flashing mode that is even more visible during the day and that could very well save your life.

· Rearview mirrors. If you are a regular, serious rider who bikes in any sort of traffic, you should have either a rearview helmet mirror or a rearview handlebar mirror so that you can see who is approaching you and what they are doing - are they speeding? Are they turning? Are they giving you enough room?

In general, if you are sharing the road with cars, motorcycles, and trucks, you should have the same safety tools that they have: head protection, horns, lights, and mirrors.