If your Bellevue car crash was caused by distracted driving, there’s a good chance one of these factors was to blame.

Watch What You’re Doing! The Distractions That Likely Caused Your Bellevue Car Crash

The American people have taken the concept of multitasking to new extremes. It’s common to see a motorist reading the paper, eating a sandwich, and driving—all at the same time. As you might imagine, doing all of these activities instead of paying attention to the road can cause a Bellevue car crash to occur. If you were the victim of an accident, there’s a good chance one of the following distractions is to blame.

  • Cell Phones. Drivers just can’t seem to keep their eyes and hands off cell phones. Whether they are looking away from the road for “just a moment” to dial someone or are composing a text, motorists increase their chances of crashing because of this popular distraction.
  • Passengers. Talking to passengers or diverting your eyes away from the road to look at them can cause you to get into a major accident. Their movement may also cause you to take your eyes and mind off of what is happening in front of you, which can result in a collision.
  • Food. We’re an on-the-go society, and that means we often eat our meals when we are driving. Using your hands to hold food instead of the steering wheel can compromise your control of the vehicle. If food falls in your lap or around you and you look away from the road, you can get into an accident.

As the victim of a Bellevue car crash, you don’t have to accept that getting injured is simply a hazard of being on the road. Motorists should be held responsible for their actions and do what they can to avoid becoming distracted.

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