When you’re involved in an accident, you will have to deal with an insurance adjuster. Knowing what this person does may help you understand the process.

The Insurance Adjuster’s Role in Your Auto Accident

One of the first calls made by a person involved in an auto accident is to the insurance company. After you make the initial report, you will eventually see or speak with an adjuster about your vehicle and what happened. Once fault is determined, an adjuster will likely speak with you about a settlement.

How an Adjuster Plays the Part in Your Settlement

Oftentimes, insurance adjusters won’t offer you as much as your vehicle is worth, which could end in a dispute. Knowing how the adjuster works and what his goal is could help you obtain the settlement you deserve. Consider the following tactics commonly used by adjusters:

  • The comparison process. To come up with an amount to offer you, the adjuster will take a look at your vehicle’s fair market value. This is determined by finding the average worth of vehicles that are just like yours. The problem is, the adjuster will likely compare your vehicle to a large number of others. Some may have high values while others may not, and the lower values will drag down the value of your car and the amount you receive.
  • He will expect a dispute. Claims adjusters know that the figures they offer are usually low and sometimes even laughable. As a result, they have prepared lines they will tell you if you dispute the amount. For instance, the adjuster may tell you he thinks the offer is good and he’s sorry you don’t agree, but there’s not much he can do. He may also say you are emotionally attached to the vehicle and just don’t realize how much it has depreciated since you purchased it. Whatever he says, he likely knows that you deserve more.
  • Less is more, for the insurance company. The bottom line is, the insurance adjuster is looking out for his company’s bottom line. His job is to stop money going out as much as possible so that it goes back into the hands of the company. Unfortunately, he is not looking out for your best interests.

You Can Fight Back

All too often accident victims simply accept the offers they are given. Fortunately, you may not have to settle for the paltry amount you are offered. The Andrew Kim Law Firm may be able to get you what you deserve. Contact us today to learn how.