Follow these helpful safety tips to reduce your chances of being involved in a vehicle accident while towing your boat in Washington State.

How To Safety Tow Your Boat On Washington Highways And Interstates

As we saw this month in Washington, not all boating accidents take place on the water. On Interstate 5 outside of Seattle, four lanes of traffic were closed after a pickup truck towing a 28-foot boat lost control and slammed into the concrete median. An investigation into the traffic accident revealed an equipment failure related to the towing mechanism and trailer.


What steps can you take to safely tow your boat on Washington roads? Here are just a few:


  • Carefully consider weight distribution. Try to keep the center of gravity low and your boat balanced from side to side.

  • Make sure everything is secure. Not only your boat should be secure on your trailer - everything in the boat should be secure as well.

  • Check your trailer tires. A flat or improperly inflated tire on your trailer could spell disaster.

  • Check your trailer's lights. Not having working brake lights on your trailer isn't just illegal, it is also very dangerous.

  • Practice maneuvering your vehicle. Head to an empty space to practice backing up, turning, backing up, and other moves. Get to know where your blind spots are.

  • Give yourself more room to stop. When you are towing a large boat, your vehicle will need more time to stop. Drive slowly and put plenty of room between you and the car ahead of you.

  • Pay attention to hills. Because of the extra size and weight of your vehicle, you need to approach uphill and downhill grades more cautiously.


The most important general take-home lesson related to towing a boat safely is to simply give your self more time: go slowly, don't rush, and don't make quick movements on the road.


Have you been injured in a Washington State traffic accident that involved a towed boat or a trailer? Speak to a Seattle vehicle accident attorney today about your case to find out if you deserve compensation.