Not all car accidents require legal counsel, but when you’re in need, knowing these tips on how to choose the right representation can make a huge difference.

Choosing the Right Representation for You Following a Car Accident

Although some minor car accidents can be handled amicably between insurance companies or by self-representation, any incident that results in severe injuries will most likely require legal intervention. It is a sad fact that people nowadays do not want to take responsibility for their actions, even if those actions severely hurt another person. Likewise, insurance companies don’t want to give up their profits to help you recover. Everyone is out for themselves, or so it seems. However, an experienced lawyer can help you:

  • Understand your legal options for compensation
  • Tell you whether pursuing a claim is worth the time, money, and aggravation
  • Evaluate all aspects of your situation to determine liability
  • Explain what to expect with every step of the process
  • Take action to ensure that your legal rights are protected
  • Gather evidence and create a reasonable plan
  • Discuss fair settlement options
  • Fight to ensure the insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you

How to Choose the Right Attorney for Your Case

When deciding on a particular attorney to handle your case, you must approach the situation as you would when hiring an employee. After all, he is going to work for you. When preparing for your initial interview, take the time to question the attorney on the following subjects:

  • Experience. How much experience does he have with car accident cases? Is it his specialty, or just one of many services he practices? How long has he been practicing injury law? Has he handled many cases?
  • Strategy. After hearing your side of the story, what is his strategy for the case?
  • Personality and communication. How good is he at returning calls? Is he available for you to contact if you have questions? Do you feel comfortable around him? Remember, you’re putting your future in his hands; if you get a bad vibe, trust your gut reaction.
  • Dedication. Will he be the only one working on your case or will he have help? Are his assistants experienced? Will you have the opportunity to meet them as well? How many other cases will he be working on in addition to yours?

If you’re satisfied with his answers and feel comfortable with his plan of attack, you have found the lawyer you need.

The Cost of Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

The cost of hiring an attorney varies depending on your specific case and situation. Any attorney that will guarantee a specific amount at your first meeting should not be fully trusted. Remember, it’s easy to promise something that he knows you want to hear in order to bait you. However, that promise can quickly dissolve once he knows that you won’t be able to afford the time or money to go to someone else.

At your initial meeting, ask the attorney about his rates and the potential for additional expenses. He should be able to give you an estimate, but no guarantees. He should also inform you if pursuing a case with him is worth the potential settlement amount.

What You Have to Do After Hiring an Attorney

It is important to know that you should never agree to a settlement or comment on your accident to an insurance adjuster without speaking to your attorney first. Once you have chosen your representation, both you and he will work on your case together and decide on the best course of action to proceed. Some things you should expect to do with your attorney include:

  • Discussing the accident in detail
  • Gathering evidence to prove liability
  • Procuring medical documentation about your injuries
  • Filling and filing a claim
  • Discussing a settlement agreement with the insurance company
  • Preparing for litigation if the proposed settlement is not accepted

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