Do you enjoy boating in Washington State? Find out why boating accidents happen and safety tips that will help keep you and your family safe.

Follow These Safety Tips to Prevent a Boating Accident

preventing boating accidents in SeattleEvery spring in Washington State, many boaters and water recreationalists return to our waterways to spend time with loved ones enjoying nature. However, this also means that there will be more boating accidents causing serious injuries and tragic deaths. If you enjoy spending time on the water during the warmer months, you can take steps to keep your family safe when engaging in this fun recreational activity.

What Are the Major Causes of Boating Accidents?

When considering ways to avoid a boating accident, it can be helpful to understand why many of these preventable accidents happen. The majority are caused by the operator’s or occupants’ negligence. Top reasons why boating accidents occur include:

  • Operator inattention and distracted operation of the boat
  • Speeding
  • Inexperience of the boat operator
  • Intoxication
  • Failure to follow navigational rules
  • Fatigue
  • Weather
  • Mechanical breakdown of the boat

Tips to Stay Safe When Enjoying Recreational Boating

In order to avoid a boating accident, the operator of the boat and the passengers must do their part by following safety precautions. Some important rules that everyone in your family should follow include:

  • Take an accredited boat safety course if you operate the boat and only ride with experienced operators who have taken one of these courses.
  • Do not consume alcohol or drugs when boating—as an operator or occupant.
  • Be certain that there are sufficient life jackets for all boaters, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, boat lights, and other safety equipment on the boat.
  • Do not speed and follow all navigational and boating rules.
  • Be certain that the boat is in proper working order and maintained before taking it out on the water.
  • Do not overload the boat, and have passengers board one at a time.
  • Know what to do in an emergency. Review emergency plans with passengers while you are still on shore.

While taking these safety precautions will reduce your risk of being involved in a boating accident, this does not mean that another negligent operator will not cause you or your loved ones to suffer injuries in an accident. However, you can hold him accountable for compensating you for your injuries with the assistance of an experienced boating accident attorney. To learn more about your right to compensation and how our skilled legal team can help, fill out our online form to schedule a free, no-obligation compensation.