Trucker fatigue can be dangerous - and even deadly. Across the country, tired truck drivers are causing truck accidents by falling asleep at the wheel, engaging in distracted driving, and veering into other vehicles. Learn more about trucker fatigue and truck accidents in Washington State.

Trucker Fatigue: A Major Cause Of Washington Truck Accidents

An estimated 100 people die and 2,000 more are seriously injured every week by commercial truck accidents in America. Even more shockingly, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 5,000 people a year are injured because of trucker fatigue.

Why is trucker fatigue a continuing problem in the United Sates? Very simply, companies can save money by getting goods across the country faster, and by having truckers work longer hours, prices stay low and companies make bigger profits. However, the downside to this plan is that driving a large, hard-to-maneuver commercial big rig takes an alert and attentive driver.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration puts forth that it is unlawful for a truck driver to operate his or her vehicle while tired, impaired, or ill. Truckers are also required to record their hours in a trucking log.

Some signs that a driver may be fatigued?

· The truck is weaving and drifting.

· The truck is changing speeds or breaking unnecessarily.

· The truck is not properly using its turn signals.

Some signs that officials look for that a driver they have pulled over is fatigued?

· A urine bottle is present in the cab and the truck driver seems to lack personal hygiene.

· The driver has bloodshot eyes or heavy eyelids.

· The driver is yawning or having difficulty carrying on a conversation.

· The driver's berth is unused.

· The driver's trucking log appears to be doctored or incomplete.

If you see a fatigued truck driver on the roads, call the police to report the incident. If you have been involved in a truck accident in which you believe the truck driver was fatigued, you should call an experienced truck accident lawyer.