Is the negligent driver’s insurance company trying to deny or reduce your claim? Learn the types of witnesses that can help you settle your car accident claim.

What Types of Witnesses Can Help You Win Your Auto Crash Case?

Even if you were not at all at fault in causing your car accident, you still have the burden of proving the other driver’s negligence and the seriousness of your injuries when you file a claim for compensation with his insurance company. You do this through the use of evidence. Photographs of the damage to the vehicles, the police report, and your medical bills are some of the types of evidence you will need to win your case.

Another important piece of evidence can be witness testimony. There are two types of witnesses that are often used in auto crash cases: lay witnesses and expert witnesses. Depending on the circumstances of your collision and the disputes in your case, you may need one or both types of witnesses to successfully settle your claim.

How Lay Witnesses Can Help     

Lay witnesses are people with no special expertise in relation to car accident cases but who witnessed some fact that is helpful to proving your right to compensation. Witnesses at the scene of your crash can testify as to how the collision occurred. While passengers in your vehicle can be helpful, neutral third-party witnesses who saw your crash happen can be especially strong witnesses because they have no personal or financial stake in the outcome of your case. 

Lay witnesses can also be useful to corroborate your injuries and how they have impacted on your life. Family members, co-workers, and friends may be witnesses that you want to consider using for this purpose.

Expert Witnesses You May Need to Prove a Disputed Fact

In some cases, victims of auto crashes need to hire expert witnesses when the negligent driver’s insurance company is fighting to deny or reduce their claim. Expert witnesses have specialized knowledge in a particular field based on their education, work experience, and training. Here are some types of expert witnesses commonly used in car accident cases that you may need:

  • Medical experts to establish the injuries you suffered, the treatments you need, and your long-term prognosis
  • Accident reconstruction expert to prove how the accident occurred and the other driver’s negligence
  • Economic experts to calculate the wage loss portion of your claim, which can be especially helpful if you must make a career change or are unable to work due to your injuries
  • Vocational experts to testify as to how your injuries limit the job duties you can perform
  • Engineers if a manufacturing defect in a vehicle or a road design or construction issue contributed to your collision

An experienced car accident attorney can help you determine what lay and expert witnesses you need in your case. He will also have a network of qualified experts that he can hire if necessary. To learn more about your right to compensation and how we will aggressively fight for your rights, fill out our convenient online form to schedule your free consultation.