If your child walks to school, it’s up to you to teach her how to stay safe. If you don’t, she could become the victim of a pedestrian accident.

Safety Tips for Children Who Walk to School

Walking to school in the Seattle area allows children to see the sights and sounds of their neighborhoods and become familiar with the city’s landscape. Although enriching, walking to school is also potentially dangerous. Along with sharing the road with traffic, children also have to be alert for people who have malicious intentions and for the risk of getting lost. Preparing your child for the walk to school could prevent the worst from happening.

We recommend you consider these safety tips early in the school year and discuss them with your son or daughter:

  • Safety in numbers. If you aren’t able to accompany your child on her walk to school, arrange for a few other children to walk with her. Predators are less likely to approach a group of children, and having her friends by her side may make her less fearful of the walk.
  • Come up with a route. Before you send your child on her way, devise a route for her to take. Sit down and look at a map with her, or go for a ride and plan out her course. If possible, choose a route that has the fewest number of dangers, such as busy roads. Walk with her until you feel comfortable that she knows the way.
  • Cross the street safely. If your child must cross the street on her way to or from school, make sure she does so safely. Teach her to look both ways and wait for all traffic to clear before she walks to the other side. If possible, try to map out a course that includes crossing guards at all of the intersections.

Although you can’t always prevent your child from getting into a pedestrian accident in Seattle, you can try to get the compensation you’ll need to cover medical bills related to any injuries. Contact the legal team of the Andrew Kim Law Firm to speak with an attorney about your situation.

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