After five serious motorcycle accidents in Tacoma, officials are urging both bike riders and drivers to be aware of how common motorcycle crashes occur.

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Motorcyle Accidents

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Motorcyle Accidents

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What Caused the Recent Cluster of Tacoma Motorcycle Accidents & Injuries?

In the span of a single day, five people were seriously injured or killed in motorcycle accidents in and around Tacoma and Seattle, Washington. The rash of Tacoma motorcycle wrecks has many officials wondering what caused the spike in crashes and how further incidents can be prevented.


  • On Interstate 5, a motorcycle driver was distracted from the road for a moment, causing him to crash into a slowing vehicle in front of him.

  • Minutes later at the site of the same crash, a motorcyclist slid on spilled fuel from the first accident, causing him to slide under an 18-wheeler and catch fire.

  • At the intersection of East Olive Street and Bellevue Avenue, a car turned directly in front of a motorcycle rider, causing the bike to slide under the car.

  • On I-5, near the Michigan Street exit, a motorcycle rider lost control of his bike, slammed into a guardrail, and was ejected over the rail onto the street 25 feet below.

  • A similar accident on I-90 in Bellevue occurred when a couple on a motorcycle stuck a guardrail and fell 30 feet. The passenger was killed and the bike operator was seriously injured.


What caused this large number of Washington State motorcycle accidents to occur? Washington State Patrol and other officials can only speculate, though they believe that a large number of inexperienced seasonal riders may be associated with the spike in wrecks. In addition, at least two of the injuries took place after the motorcycle rider was distracted from the road. One of the accidents is most likely the fault of a car driver who did not see the motorcycle before turning.


State Police stressed that both motorcycle riders and other drivers can do more prevent motorcycle accidents - and that we have the power to reduce the number of crashes.


Have you been injured in a Tacoma motorcycle crash and would like to seek compensation? Call Andrew Kim today to speak with an experienced, compassionate Tacoma motorcycle injury attorney.