Seattle high-collision bike program has pinpointed a number of hotspots for cyclist accidents and worked with SDOT to improve road design and safety.

Seattleā€™s Most Dangerous Intersections For Bicycle Riders

The Seattle Department of Transportation's (SDOT) high-collision bike program recently pinpointed a new hotspot for serious bicycle-car crashes in the Seattle area: the block of Northeast 45th Street between First and Second Avenues in Wallingford. Since 2009, six different bicycle accidents have been reported there.


This dangerous intersection is one of several that SDOT's high-collision bike program has flagged since its inception. Here are the other hotspots for Seattle cyclist accidents:


  • The block of Northeast 45th Street between First and Second Avenues - near Dick's Drive-In in Wallingford

  • The intersection of 15th Avenue Northeast and Northeast Pacific Street in the University District

  • The intersection of 25th Avenue Northeast and Northeast Blakely Street, near the Burke-Gilman Trail.

  • The intersection of Bellevue Avenue and East Pine Street on Capitol Hill.

  • The intersection of Eastlake Avenue East and Furhman Avenue East near the University Bridge. 


What does this bike program do after identifying the worst intersections and streets for bicyclists in the city? SDOT will review the cyclist accident reports from hotspots and then determine if any road design issues caused the crashes or if any future road design improvements could be made to reduce accidents at the site.


At the intersection of Furhman Avenue East and Eastlake Avenue East, for example, the city added a green bike lane to increase the visibility of downhill cyclists. At the Dick's Drive-In, officials are considering posting a sign to let drivers turning into the parking lot know about the high volume of passing cyclists and posting clearer road marking for cyclists and drivers.


Have you been injured in a Seattle cyclist accident at one of the above dangerous intersections - or in another part of the city where road design might have played a factor? To receive compensation for your injuries and other losses, it is key to speak with a Washington bike accident attorney about your case. Contact Andrew Kim today.