Dirt bike accidents injure and kill a number of people across the country each year - many of them young boys and young men. What are the common causes of dirt bike accidents in Washington State, and how can we help prevent future dirt bike accidents and injuries? Learn more in this article.

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Motorcyle Accidents

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Washington Dirt Bike Accidents Can Cause Serious Injury – Especially For Teens

This week an Oak Harbor man was arrested after causing a dirt bike accident that involved speed and driving under the influence. The passenger on the dirt bike suffered a serious head injury and is in serious condition at a Washington hospital. While many understand the dangers associated with riding a motorcycle, fewer people know the similar dangers faced by dirt bike riders in Washington.

Dirt bikes, while fun, recreational vehicles, can be dangerous if not used correctly and if riders do not follow the law. Dirt bike accidents are common – especially among young males and especially among those who do not think to wear protective gear simply because they are riding their vehicle off-road.

In Washington, no one under 13 years old may operate a dirt bike. However, helmets are required for all dirt bike riders. You do not have to have a license to ride a dirt bike or take any sort of operator test. Because of these somewhat lax restrictions on dirt bike usage in Washington State, many young boys – boys who can’t even legally drive cars – find themselves injured in dirt bike accidents.

In addition, dirt bikes are off-road vehicles often seen as recreational toys. Many ride dirt bikes for thrills, and engage in racing and tricks. While some of these activities can be done safety, others drive in a reckless manner that can lead to dirt bike accidents, head injuries, and even fatalities. Also, as in all other types of motorized vehicle accidents, and as in Washington’s most recent dirt bike accident, drinking and alcohol is often a factor in off-road biking accidents.