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Seattle Agency Launches Program to Provide Used Child Car Seats to City’s Needy

When it comes to helping needy children in Seattle and King County, gathering boxes of diapers, baby food, and other necessities is relatively easy. However, it is much harder for local non-profits to help struggling families find safe, working child car seats. To help in the effort, King County's WestSide Baby collects, inspects, and distributes lightly used safety seats for families who are in need.


The need for a safe car seat for every family

Car accidents are the number one killer of small children in King County - and each year, lives could be saved if Washington residents better understood the importance of properly restraining their children when driving. Even though it is the law to keep your child in a car seat or booster seat until the age of six, many families facing hard times in the Seattle area can't afford to purchase a safe car seat for their growing family.


The average growing child will go through three different car seats and booster seats before they are ready to be restrained by a traditional lap and shoulder belt. At prices over $100 each, many families struggle to find the funds to make such large purchases. Those who can't afford child safety seats either find themselves stranded and isolated at home with their children or choose to drive without their children legally secured.


Aren't used car seats dangerous?

It is a misconception that used car seats are dangerous - but it is vital that all used child seats are closely inspected before use. Child safety experts agree that child seats are no longer safe after about five years of use and that safety seats that have been involved in an accident are no longer considered viable. However, gently used child safety seats that are closely examined by an expert and that have not been recalled by the company are fine to re-use.


How can you donate?

WestSide Baby has seven different drop-off sites in Seattle and King County. Visit their website for details. Even if you aren't sure that your child car seat is safe to donate, the non-profit group has qualified inspectors examine every seat thoroughly before it is given to a family in need.


Has your child been injured in a Seattle car accident?

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