Who keeps our roads safe and well-maintained? When it comes to highway safety and road repairs, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has a long list of services and programs to make traveling easier for Washington residents.

Washington State Department Of Transportation

The Washington State Department of Transportation, or WSDOT, is a government agency dedicated to constructing, maintaining, and regulating Washington's 20,000 miles of road. Established in 1905 and overseen by the governor, WSDOT works towards achieving five goals: safety, preservation, mobility, environmental quality, and system stewardship. The organization has over 7,200 employees and is currently in the midst of over 300 highway projects worth over $15 billion.

What does the Washington State Department of Transportation have to do with your safety on the road and car accident prevention? A lot. Below is a list of some of the programs and services that WSDOT provides for Washington residents:

· Statewide travel information includes traffic alerts, weather alerts, and construction alerts. Visitors to the website may even browse webcam images of current traffic conditions from Seattle to Spokane.

· Driving safety tips also located on the website help drivers across the state avoid state-specific hazards and stay safe on the roads whether you are in a car, riding a motorcycle, biking, or on foot.

· Snow and ice removal during the winter months is taken care of by WSDOT maintenance crews as well as those working at WSDOT's Traffic Management Centers.

· Transportation improvement projects ranging from ferry maintenance to guardrail additions to HOV lane additions to pothole fixes, this government agency keeps adding safety features and repairing out-of-date or damaged structures.

· Air quality and water quality protection programs that restore wetlands, manage storm waters, and control erosion.

· Litter control and roadside mowing keep the sides of roadways and highways both cleaner and safer (wildlife can be spotted more easily on the side of the road when the shoulders and grassy areas are clear).

· Safety rest areas are constructed by WSDOT to ensure that drivers have a secure place to stop (other than the side of the road) if they need to use a rest room or if they are feeling fatigued.  

To visit the official homepage of the Washington Department of Transportation, click here.