Can an intruder file a Washington dog bite lawsuit? A Seattle personal injury attorney takes a closer look at dog bite and premises liability laws.

Washington Dog Bite Law: Can an Intruder Sue After a Dog Attack?

In December 2011 the Seattle Times covered an interesting news story involving an intruder, guard dogs, and dog bite injuries. According to Seattle Police, an illegal intruder scaled a ten-foot fence only to be attacked by four pit bulls that lived on the property.

The trespasser suffered serious injuries to his head, neck, ears, arms, and face before the owner of the animals called the dogs off and helped the intruder find emergency medical attention. The dogs, which were licensed and vaccinated, were quarantined, while the man was treated and charged with trespassing. The police believe that the dogs were blameless in the attack.

Legal liability if a dog injures or kills an intruder

This Seattle dog bite issue raises some interesting questions about a dog owner’s liability when it comes to burglars, intruders, and trespassers. Could this intruder sue for damages following this incident? Could the owner of a guard dog face a Washington dog bite lawsuit if his or her pet attacked a burglar?

As with so many personal injury and premises liability cases, the answer depends heavily on the facts of the dog attack case. Anyone reviewing the case would ask the following questions:

  • Was the dog provoked before the attack?
  • Was the dog attack victim trespassing?
  • Did its owner properly contain the dog at the time of the attack?
  • Was the dog attack victim breaking the law at the time of the attack?
  • Did the dog have a history of aggression or other recorded bite incidents?
  • Was the dog trained to kill or attack humans?

Get answers from an experienced Seattle dog bite attorney

No two Washington State dog bite cases are the same and dog bite law can be complex. If you have been the victim of a dog bite, or if your dog has attacked and injured someone else, it is vital that you speak with a knowledgeable attorney about your case. In many cases, a dog bite incident is not as straightforward as you may think.

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