Who protects Washington's streets, roads, highways, and interstates? In many cases, it is the Washington State Patrol. Learn more information about Washington's state police organization, including little-known facts, history, and statistics.

Washington State Patrol Information

The mission of the Washington State Patrol is simply to enhance the safety and security of all Washington State residents. In many cases, if you are involved in a car accident, motorcycle crash, truck collision, pedestrian accident, bicycle crash, or boating accident, troopers from the Washington State Patrol will assist you in getting to safety, getting medical attention, and finding those responsible for your injury.

The Washington State Patrol was established in 1921 when authorities appointed six motorcycle patrolmen to the job. Their motto is "Serve with Humility."  The state police department is made up of 600 officers as well as around 1,000 civilian employees.

While law enforcement is a major part of every trooper's job, the state police department is also involved in a number of safety programs - many of which are dedicated to keeping Washington States interstates, highways, roads, water ways, and parks safe and to reducing the number of deaths and injuries that are related to vehicle accidents. Often, troopers will travel to community centers, schools, state fairs, county fairs, and other public venues in order to discuss public safety issues such as fire safety, internet safety, DUI, seat belts, child restraints, bicycle and pedestrian safety, as well as other traffic safety issues.

Many troopers spend their time patrolling the 18,000 miles of road that makes up Washington State. The most common breaches in the law that Washington State Patrol officers deal with on a daily basis are traffic violations, such as speeding, aggressive driving, reckless driving, seat belt violations, and drunk driving (DUI). During any traffic stop, and officer will explain why you were pulled over and may issue a ticket for your violation. These tickets are not punishments but rather an effective way to curb the number of car accidents and keep dangerous drivers off of the roads.

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