Sledding during the winter months is one of the joys of childhood in Washington State. But while sledding can be fun for the whole family, it can also lead to accidents and injuries if you do not take extra precautions and follow sledding safety guidelines.

Kid Safety: Sledding Accidents Injure Dozens Of Seattle Children Each Winter

With the first snow of winter on the ground in Washington, it is important that parents know about sledding safety and share their knowledge with their kids to ensure a safe day of seasonal fun free of accidents. Each time it snows in Seattle, dozens of children suffer serious injuries on the slopes – and many of these injuries could have been prevented.

Here’s what you need to know about sledding safety:

•    Never sled on a street, even if it is closed to traffic.
•    Pick a hill with a manageable slope.
•    Make certain that the sledding area and the area where sledders walk up the hill are separate.
•    Always sled with children who are under the age of five.
•    Always supervise children under the age of 12 who are sledding.
•    Never sled where there are obstacles at the end of the hill, such as cars, roads, ditches, or park benches.
•    Never sled near water hazards, such as ponds, lakes, or rivers, even if you believe they are frozen over.
•    Do not sled in icy conditions.
•    Do not sled at night or if there is poor visibility.
•    Sled down the hill one at a time.
•    If your sleds becomes out of control, roll off the sled to one side.
•    Never ride your sled standing up or backward.
•    Never ride your sled over a jump or into a snow bank.
•    Never attach your sled to a moving vehicle.
•    Never sled in an isolated area that is far from help.