If you were injured in a Washington State truck accident, it is important to know whether or not the trucker who caused the accident could have been drinking.

Seattle Truck Accident Attorney: Drunk Truckers Can Be Deadly

Last week, police received an alarming call from a Bellingham truck driver: he, his truck, and his truck’s cargo were being held hostage by an armed gunman. However, when authorities arrived at the scene, they found that the trucker hadn’t been threatened at gunpoint at all – he was too drunk to drive and lied about the gunman in order to avoid getting in trouble with his employers. Police found the truck on the side of the road with its hood up and its emergency lights on – and the trucker wandering, inebriated, not far away from the commercial vehicle.

Truckers who drive under the influence of alcohol are a serious danger

Too many people assume that truckers are closely watched when it comes to drinking and driving – and that harsh company policies and laws prevent truckers from ever getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol. However, drinking and driving is still a serious problem in the trucking industry, and, each year, driving under the influence leads to serious truck accident injuries and fatalities in Washington State.

Drunk truckers are even more dangerous than drunk drivers

Truckers are held to higher standards when it comes to drinking and driving – they cannot legally drive a commercial vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration greater than 0.04, while other drivers are legally able to drive with a BAC of 0.08. Why is this so? Commercial drivers are in bigger, heavier, and more dangerous vehicles. Often, they are in vehicles that are more difficult to drive, harder to maneuver, and more difficult to control. When a large truck crashes, it can cause significantly more damage than smaller vehicles. In fact, statistics clearly show that 18-wheelers and other types of commercial trucks are more likely to cause serious injury and death when involved in traffic accidents.

Seattle truck accident and injury lawyer

Have you or a loved one been seriously harmed in a Washington State commercial truck accident? Are you suspicious that the trucker was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or that drinking was a factor in your crash? If this is the case, you should absolutely speak to a Seattle truck accident attorney about your case. Experienced and empathetic, injury lawyer Andrew Kim can help gather the evidence in your truck accident case and determine whether or not you should fight for compensation. Call today to schedule a free consultation and get started.