A Seattle truck accident attorney discusses what caused the recent Washington bridge collapse and what we can do to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Seattle Truck Accident Attorney: Understanding the Washington Bridge Collapse

Andrew Kim
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Last month, Washington was in national news after a bridge along Interstate 5 north of Seattle suddenly collapsed, sending two vehicles into the water 50 feet below. In the wake of the shocking accident, federal authorities, Washington police, and traffic safety advocates are all working to understand the accident and prevent similar accidents from taking place in the future. 

What are the issues surrounding the Washington bridge collapse? 

  • An old bridge in need of repairs. A Federal Highway Administration database listed the bridge as functionally obsolete—it was an old design with low clearance and other issues. Although the bridge had undergone repairs in recent years, it was no secret that the bridge was old and in need of replacement and future fixes. 
  • Trucking companies and trucking regulations. The bridge did not simply collapse out of nowhere—the incident took place when an oversized load struck an upper beam of the bridge support, causing the structure to go down. If the truck had been a proper height, the collapse would not have happened. Far too often, trucking companies and truckers are driving dangerous vehicles on the roads—trucks that are too big, too heavy, or not properly maintained. Not only do these trucks damage our roads and bridges, they also present a danger to other vehicles on the road. 
  • A greater problem with national infrastructure. The country as a whole is faced with the issue of our crumbling infrastructure—as illustrated by this recent collapse and the fatal bridge collapse that took place in Minneapolis a few years ago. Understanding that our highways and interstates need major improvements—and taking the time and money needed to make those improvements—is a difficult but vital choice. If we do not move to fix our country’s infrastructure (which would also create jobs), we are risking future incidents like the one we saw along I-5 last month. 

Some traffic accidents are not the fault of the drivers involved, but rather the road itself. Poor design and maintenance issues can cause crashes just as speeding or reckless driving can. If you have been injured in a Washington accident, it is imperative to understand who is truly at fault for your crash. Call the Andrew Kim Law Firm today to schedule a meeting with an attorney and learn more about your accident claim: 1-800-636-3676.