You’ve just been informed that your insurance company wants to deny a claim. Do you know what you should do? Find out here!

The First Steps to Take After an Insurance Denial

You were driving down I-5 on your way to the University District when a tractor-trailer jackknifed right in front of you. Although you did the best you could to dodge the truck, you ended up getting hit with its tail end as it came to a stop. The result for you was a broken leg, several lacerations that required stitches, and a concussion.

The medical bills have started to roll in, and you notice your insurance company has denied paying for any of them. You thought you would be covered since your injuries aren’t related to any pre-existing medical conditions and because they were caused by an accident that wasn’t your fault.

What You Should Do

Don’t assume that the bills are a mistake. Also, don’t assume the insurance company will come to its senses and start paying the bills for you. Rather, you must take a proactive approach by:

  • Knowing your insurance plan. Look over your Summary Plan Description, as well as the plan’s Evidence of Coverage in order to see what should be covered. Ask your employer for these documents if you do not have them. Contact your insurance company for copies if you are self-employed. Knowing exactly what your insurance covers is essential before you dispute the denied claims.
  • Calling customer service. If, after reviewing the terms of your plan, you still think your claim should be covered, call customer service. A representative may be able to approve services that were initially denied. Ask to speak with a supervisor if you still aren’t satisfied. You may only need to submit more documentation or resubmit documents the insurance company claims it did not receive.

Our Law Firm Can Help

Insurance companies know how intimidating they are, and turn down claims knowing that many folks simply won’t appeal the denials. The Andrew Kim Law Firm may be able to help you fight your wrongfully denied claim.

Contact us today to find out how we have helped many people who were in the same situation as you get the justice they deserved.