Capsizing often comes with the territory when sailing, but when you don’t respond appropriately, the results can be deadly.

When Your Boat Turns on You: What to Do When You Capsize

Capsizing: sailors either love it or hate it, and unfortunately, it usually comes with the territory. Sailboats are designed to heel, or tilt, so much so that waves may wash up on deck. When the wind or the rocky weather is too much for your boat to handle, you may find yourself taking an unexpected dip in the Puget Sound, Lake Washington, or another body of water in the Seattle area.

It’s not uncommon to go out on what the weatherman predicts will be a good day, only to find yourself surrounded by angry, choppy water. Things can happen so quickly offshore that you can end up in the water with your boat’s keel pointed toward the sky before you know it.

When Your Boating Adventure Turns Your World Upside Down

Although some sailors see capsizing as a common occurrence in the world of sailing, others want to avoid it like a lazy deckhand. If you don’t react appropriately to your boat’s overturning, you could find yourself in a deadly situation.

  • Stay with the boat. As much as possible, it’s important to stay with your boat right now. Your flipped-over boat can act as a life preserver, keeping you and your passengers afloat and together. Additionally, the large vessel can help rescuers spot you, as you are much more noticeable floating near a boat than simply by yourself.
  • Climb on the hull. If possible, climb out of the water and perch yourself on the boat’s hull. Water steals the body’s heat about 25 times faster than air does, which increases the chances of becoming hypothermic. Additionally, huddle with your other passengers to try and stay warm.

If You Are the Victim of Negligence

If you are suffering from injuries while boating because of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation. The attorneys of the Andrew Kim Law Firm want to help.

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