Find out what you need to know to stay safe on your next Washington bus trip and how to get the help you need if you are injured in a bus crash.

Three Things You Need to Know If You Take Washington Bus Trips

Once you board a bus, there is not much that you can do to prevent a serious accident. You are not driving. You cannot avoid other drivers. It might seem like all that you can do is to sit tight, avoid being a distraction, and hope that your Washington bus trip ends safely.

But That’s Not All

While you are not behind the wheel of the bus, there are things that you need to know to protect yourself before you board the bus and if a crash occurs. Specifically:

  • You should know more about the bus company. You would not get into a car with a driver you know to be dangerous, nor would you purchase tickets from an airline that had many reported accidents. You should exercise the same care in deciding what bus company to use for your trip. You can go to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website to find out more about a particular bus company’s safety-related information.
  • You can report any violations. If you think the driver is unsafe then you can report the risk immediately via your cell phone or when you get to your next stop.
  • You can know what to do if you’re hurt. If you have been injured in a bus accident then the crash was not your fault. You should be able to recover damages for your injuries. You shouldn’t have to suffer for someone else’s negligence.

But You Might Need Help

A Washington bus trip can be a wonderful way to travel—unless you are hurt in an accident. If this has happened to you, then we encourage you to learn more about your rights and your possible recovery by browsing the free resources available on our website and by contacting our experienced Washington bus injury lawyers directly for an initial consultation about your rights and possible recovery.