Working long hours, watching late-night television, and waking up early to do it all again puts many fatigued drivers out on the road. Be aware of your risks.

Dream On: Drowsy Driving May Be Happening More Than You Think

May is Better Sleep Month and unfortunately, many Seattle drivers don’t get the amount of shut eye they need. This lack of sleep can affect their everyday lives, from their moods to their job performance. Not getting the rest they need can also cause problems when behind the wheel.

You may have heard that drowsy driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. And while this notion is quite frightening, it’s true. The even scarier news is that just about everyone has driven when they were probably too tired to, including yourself.

Don’t Hit the Snooze Button on Safe Driving

Getting adequate rest improves many aspects of your life, including your health. It also decreases your chances of getting into an accident. When you fail to get the proper amount of sleep and then choose to get behind the wheel, however, you place many lives in jeopardy. Along with being extra irritable and upset with the other drivers around you—especially the guy who cut you off—driving while drowsy slows your reaction time, effects your ability to make decisions, and makes you less attentive.  Although anyone is capable of getting behind the wheel on too little sleep, some are more likely to do so than others, including shift workers, drivers with untreated sleep disorders, drivers who use sedating medication, and commercial drivers. While most of us think that driving late at night puts us at the greatest risk for dozing off at the wheel, the evening commute is actually a dangerous time. Drivers are tired from a day of work and are not as likely to be aware of their own drowsiness.

End the Nightmare With the Help of an Attorney

When you’re hurt by a driver who fell asleep behind the wheel or was too drowsy to drive safely, you want answers. The Andrew Kim Law Firm wants to help you get them, along with the compensation you need that can help pay for medical bills and other expenses related to the accident.