You get a bad feeling when you speak with your adjuster about your injury claim, and you suspect he may be up to something. Here’s what to do.

How You May Be Able to Tell If Your Insurance Adjuster Is Practicing Bad Faith

After a trip to the Museum of History and Industry, you thought you would take your out-of-town guests to the famed Pike Place Market for a bit of Seattle culture. As you made your way down the 405, it started to rain, and like most Seattle residents, you are quite accustomed to a bit of inclement weather. Unfortunately, the truck behind you wasn’t and crashed into your bumper.

You suffered a concussion and whiplash, which cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills and time away from work. You contacted the insurance company immediately after the accident, and after speaking with and receiving a visit from the adjuster, you agreed to settle.

Are You the Victim of Bad Faith?

Months later, you still haven’t received any money from the insurance company, although you were promised you would by now. Every time you speak with your adjuster, you get the feeling you are being played for a fool.

You may be able to tell if the insurance company is up to something with the use of a few tricks:

  • Mention “bad faith.” The next time you talk to your adjuster, use the term “bad faith” in conversation. Let him know that you believe the insurance company is acting in bad faith because of the payment delay. If the adjuster seems unfazed and fails to give you a satisfactory response, there’s a good chance you are correct.
  • Write a letter. Composing a letter that mentions the specific conduct that you believe constitutes bad faith and sending it to the insurance company may result in a change of heart for the adjuster and the company. Letters often get prompt attention, which may result in your receiving your check promptly.

You Can Fight Back

If the insurance company doesn’t seem interested in resolving the matter with you, contact the Andrew Kim Law Firm. We have helped many accident victims in Seattle get the results they deserve, and may be able to do the same for you.