Car accidents often cause fractures and cuts, but burns are also common. Here, we take a look at why such a devastating injury occurs.

Auto Accident Burns: A Hot Topic

Many external scars that occur as a result of an auto accident are easily healed or eventually fade over time. Burns, however, make their mark forever. When you think of injuries from car accidents, you typically think about whiplash, traumatic brain injuries, cuts, and broken bones. One common injury that happens to many but it isn’t often talked about is burns.

Why Burn Injuries Are So Common in Car Accidents

Burn Awareness Week takes place this year from February 1 to 7. Bringing the news of this type of injury to the forefront may help you understand just how common—and devastating—it is, and perhaps make you more cautious when driving.

Burns are often experienced during auto accidents from:

  • Fuel tank explosions. Automobile collisions can cause fuel tanks to explode and even become projectile objects. As you may imagine, an exploding fuel tank is often leads to fatalities, and can trap passengers in their vehicles at times.
  • Fuel tank leaks. When two vehicles collide into each other, there’s a chance that one or both of the fuel tanks may become damaged and leak fuel onto the road. If the fuel becomes ignited the flames can spread quite far, threatening not only the people involved in the crash, but rescue workers and bystanders.
  • Other causes. A variety of other circumstances can cause an accident victim to experience burns. For instance, faulty wiring, flammable liquid spills, cigarette lighters, short circuit arcs, trash or waste ignites, and leaking exhaust fluids can all cause dangerous and potentially fatal burn injuries.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

If you received burn injuries from an accident on I-5, I-405, or anywhere in the Seattle area, you may be eligible to receive compensation. Contact the Andrew Kim Law Firm to learn how we may be able to help you.