It may be difficult to wait until you reach your maximum medical improvement to settle your car accident claim, but we explain why this is so important.

Importance of Waiting Until You Reach Maximum Medical Improvement to Settle Your Auto Crash Claim

After being injured in a car accident, you probably want to settle your claim right away so that you can heal and get on with your life. It can be frustrating to have your attorney advise you not to settle your claim too quickly. However, you should know that he is looking out for your best interests when he tells you to wait until you reach your maximum medical improvement (MMI) before resolving your claim.

What Does Maximum Medical Improvement Mean?

Maximum medical improvement is a stage in your medical care where you have a clear picture of your medical condition and how it will impact your life on a long-term basis. It can be one of these stages in your medical treatment:

  • You have fully recovered from your injuries.
  • You will never fully recover, but your medical condition has improved as much as it will.
  • You may still be healing, but you have reached a stage where your doctor can give you a final prognosis.

Why it Is Important to Wait Until You Reach MMI to Settle Your Case

If a negligent driver caused your car accident, you are entitled to be compensated for your past and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other out-of-pocket expenses. Once you settle your claim with this person’s insurance company, your settlement is final. This means that you cannot reopen your claim to request more money if you later discover that you were hurt more seriously than you originally thought.

Because of this, it is critical to obtain all of your future as well as past compensation in your settlement. You cannot know what your future expenses will be until you reach your MMI. That is why it is so important to wait until you are at your MMI before resolving your case.

Do Not Delay Pursuing Your Claim Until You Reach Your MMI

While you may not want to settle your claim until you reach your MMI, this does not mean that you should wait to retain an experienced car accident attorney to begin the claims process. You still want to hire a lawyer as soon as possible so that he can file your claim, investigate your collision, and collect the evidence you will need to prove the other driver’s negligence. In addition, he may decide to file your lawsuit before you reach your MMI if the insurance company is being totally unreasonable or not responsive to your claim.

Exceptions to the Rule

Like with many rules, there is an exception to this one. If the negligent driver has insufficient insurance to fully compensate you for your injuries, you can settle your claim for his full policy limits right away if it is offered. However, you need to find out the negligent driver’s policy limits before agreeing to a settlement to be certain that you receive all that you can. 

If you need to file a claim for compensation, our experienced car accident attorneys are here to protect your legal rights and fight for the compensation you deserve. To get started, call our office today to schedule your free case evaluation.