Could the window treatments in your home pose a fatal risk to children? Get the facts on child accidents and deaths cause by window blind cords.

Children Suffer Fatal Accidents From Window Blind Cords

dangers of window shade cordsMany people overlook high-risk items in their homes when preparing to welcome a new addition. One danger that has caused numerous asphyxiation deaths in young children is lurking in nearly every home in America: window blinds, shades, and draperies that use cords for raising and opening.

Window Blind Cords Are One of the Top Five Dangers in a Child’s Home

Window blind cords have been dubbed one of the top five “hidden hazards” in the home by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which estimates that one child per month will die as a result of window cord strangulation. The CPSC discovered that over 85 percent of blind cord strangulation cases occurred when parents were home, and in rooms that parents assumed were safe (such as a child’s bedroom). Accidents involved both infants, who were caught in cords that had fallen near the crib, and toddlers, who were caught by the neck while climbing or looking out of the window.

The danger of window and blind cords has gained increasing awareness over the years due to:

  • Unnecessary deaths. Window blind cords are one of the greatest strangulation hazards to children under the age of three. The high mortality rate is exacerbated by the fact that the accidents only take a few seconds to prove fatal, during which the child cannot call for help.
  • Recalls. The majority of window coverings involved in these accidents are mini-blinds and venetian blinds (both vertical and horizontal types). According to the CPSC, at least six companies have issued child-related recall alerts due to the likelihood of fatal injuries or entanglement hazards in blind cords. Recalls have included window coverings made by Pottery Barn Kids, IKEA, Vertical Land, and Lewis Hyman Inc.
  • Enhanced safety standards. In the past, blind companies were only required to adhere to their own voluntary standards when designing and selling products with cords. In 2015, the CPSC announced its intention to develop mandatory safety standards for window coverings after it received a petition from several consumer groups.

Product manufacturers have a responsibility to design and manufacture products that are safe for all members of the family. If your child was injured due to a window blind cord, we can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an experienced Seattle kids safety attorney.