If you must leave your child alone during their school break, use these tips to ensure they're safe while you are gone. Provided by Bellevue child injury lawyer

Tips to Keep Your Young Ones Safe During Their Winter Break

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When your children must stay alone during the course of school breaks, be sure to review this article about  children safety from About.com with your children and if they have one, their sitter:

1) Leave at least two emergency contacts, one being an at-home neighbor, if possible.  Make sure you child knows who the contacts are and where their information is posted in your home.

2) Even your youngest child should be familiar with 9-1-1 and when and how to call for an emergency.

3) Give your children specific games or activities to keep them busy while you are gone. Safe projects, puzzles or a scavenger hunt can keep children busy while providing hours of fun.

4) Make sure your child and their sitter know if you want play to be restricted to inside only, or if you are comfortable with outside play while you are gone.

5) Make it clear to your child and their sitter if you have a no-friend-over rule while you are gone.

6) Put all matches and candles away, along with any other dangerous objects before you leave.

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