With winter weather conditions approaching, follow these driving tips to arrive at your destination safely. Provided by Bothell car accident lawyer Andrew Kim.

With winter approaching, refer to these winter weather driving tips to arrive at your destination safely.

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The Weather Channel posted this safe driving checklist to give you some safe winter driving tips before winter conditions hit your area.

-Prior to the onset of the winter months, get a complete tune-up.  Pay special attention to the air, fuel and emission filters, the PCV valve, the battery and your antifreeze level and the freeze line.
-Carry in your trunk the following items:
*tow and tire chains
*bag or kitty litter or salt
*tool kit
*snow brush and ice scraper
*warm items, such as gloves, socks, hats and blankets

In the even you do get stranded during cold, winter weather:
-Unless you know your exact location, how far away you are from help and knowing that leaving will improve your situation, stay in the car.
-If you are certain your exhaust pipe is not blocked, run your vehicle with the heat on for approximately 10 minutes every hour, depending on how much gas you have in your tank.
-A car can become sealed shut in heavy snow and ice.  Leave at least one window open slightly to prevent a seal.
-Keep your mouth moist by eating a hard candy.

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