Is a Washington insurance company being unfair and jeopardizing your just recovery? Learn how to fight back and protect your fair recovery.

Three Ways to Fight Back If a Washington Insurance Company Is Unfair

You paid your insurance premiums for just this reason. You expected that the insurance company that you paid would be there with the coverage that you paid for if you were ever the victim of an accident. However, as the days go by it is becoming clear that the Washington insurance company is unfair and is trying to deny your claim.

You Don’t Have to Accept It

Your insurance company may seem as if it has all the answers. While you are on the phone or reading the letter that explains why your claim is being denied or delayed, you may initially think that there is nothing that you can do. Do not let their language fool you. Instead, understand that insurance companies profit by paying out as little as possible in claims. Accordingly, some insurance companies may try to deny or delay paying you fair damages even if you are the policyholder.

If this has happened to you then you may be able to fight back by:

  • Requesting arbitration to force the insurance company to honor your insurance contract.
  • Filing a claim pursuant to the Insurance Fair Conduct Act or filing an insurance bad faith claim.
  • Suing the insurance company for the benefits to which you are legally entitled.

Do not jeopardize your future recovery or your financial security by accepting an unfair determination by a Washington insurance company.

You Can Get Help

You do not have to right the insurance company alone. Instead, if the Washington insurance company is unfair about your claim, then you can contact an experienced attorney to help you recover the damages that should be yours according to the terms of your insurance policy. Please call us today at 1.800.636.3676 for more information and read our testimonials to find out what our other clients think of us and the help they’ve received from our Bellevue lawyers.