Learn what happened in a Bellevue pedestrian accident at the crosswalk of Forest Drive and Southeast 60th Street last month.

Bellevue Pedestrian Accident Reported at Forest Drive and SE 60th St.

Posted on Feb 13, 2014

A serious Bellevue pedestrian accident was reported on Wednesday, January 16, 2014. The accident reportedly occurred shortly after dusk at the intersection of Forest Drive and Southeast 60th Street.

Initial reports of this accident indicate that the pedestrian was crossing in the crosswalk and that the nearby streetlights appeared operational at the time of the crash. The victim may have been wearing dark clothing at the time of the accident, according to police.

Initial reports of the accident indicate that it appears the driver, who was not immediately identified to the media, failed to yield to the pedestrian. Police do not believe that the driver was impaired at the time of the accident. However, the accident was still under investigation in the hours following the crash.

The victim, whose identity was also not released immediately following this Bellevue pedestrian accident, was taken to Harborview Medical Center immediately after the accident. He or she was reported to have severe head injuries and multiple other bone fractures.

Pedestrian fatalities are responsible for most non-motorist deaths in motor vehicle accidents in Washington. In 2012 (the most recent year for which complete statistics are currently available), there were 1,810 pedestrian accidents in Washington State. Seventy-six of those collisions were fatal and 1,702 resulted in injury. Serious injuries were reported in 300 of the 1,702 pedestrian injury collisions in Washington that year.

Our pedestrian accident lawyers extend our best wishes for a full and fast recovery to the victim of this January 16, 2014 Bellevue pedestrian accident.

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