The owner of two pit bulls charged with felony possesion of a dangerous dog in attack of SeaTac woman.

Felony charge against owner in pit bull attack

Posted on Nov 08, 2008

The Seattle Times reported on November 8, 2008 that 36 year old Travis Cunningham, the owner of two pit bulls that attacked and mauled a 72 year old SeaTac woman, Huong Le, was charged with a rarely used felony charge of possession of a dangerous dog which has a sentence of up to one year in prison.  Prosecutors have to show knowledge that the owner knew the dog was dangerous and was negligent.

The two male dogs were running loose in the 15400 block of International Boulevard in SeaTac when they attacked Huong Le who was returning home from dropping off her granddaughter at her bus stop.  She suffered serious injuries including severed ears, a crushed arm, and deep gaping bite wounds from her head down to her feet.

A neighbor called 911 and attempted to fight off the dogs with a pitch fork to no avail.  When the King County Sheriff's deputy arrived, the dogs were still attacking the woman.  The dogs finally were shot and killed by the deputies to stop the attack.

According to the Seattle Animal Shelter, pit bulls account for a disproportionate number of reported dog bites in Seattle.  Pit bulls make up only 4 percent of licensed dogs in Seattle but make up 22 percent of reported bites.

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