Four men working on a marine construction site off of Alki Point near Seattle were thrown into the water when their boat capsized. One man died in the accident.

One Man Dies After Commercial Boat Capsizes in Puget Sound

Posted on Dec 24, 2013

One man died in a Washington boat accident off of Alki Point on November 16, 2013, while three other crewmembers suffered injuries in the incident. According to the Tri-City Herald and the Seattle Times, the four men were aboard a Ballard Marine Construction vessel at the time of the accident.

The Seattle Fire Department and the U.S. Coast Guard reported that two boats from the company were conducting underwater survey operations when poor weather moved into the area. The vessels attempted to move out of the storm, but one of the boats capsized in the process. Three of the men were thrown into the water, while a fourth, 40-year-old Anthony Collins of Port Orchard, was trapped in the wheelhouse.

The Coast Guard pulled the three men out of the water, who were then taken to a nearby fire station and then Harborview Medical Center for treatment for hypothermia. Because rescuers believed an air pocket existed in the boat, fire department divers braved bad weather in an attempt to save Collins. He was found in an air pocket, wearing a life jacket, but was unconscious. Although emergency responders attempted CPR, he was soon pronounced dead when he arrived at the hospital.

Ballard Marine Construction has not yet commented on the fatal boat accident. The Coast Guard reported that there were high winds and large water swells at the time the boat capsized.

The three surviving men, who are all in their 30s and 40s, are recovering from their non-life-threatening injuries and are in stable condition.


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