A five-car accident that injured half a dozen people and killed one began with the deadly driving habits of a convicted reckless driver. The truck driver was also carrying a dangerous home-made bomb in his car and was placed under arrest.

Reckless Truck Driver Responsible For Deadly Bremerton, Washington, Pileup

Posted on Oct 29, 2008

KOMONews.com reports that a deadly pileup on Highway 3 that involved five vehicles and killed one was the fault of a pickup driven by a man with a lengthy criminal record that included drug charges, instances of assault, and reckless driving.

The accident happened on Thursday morning on US Highway 3 between Bremerton, WA, and Mason County. Alledgedly, 21-year-old Cole Satran started the chain-reaction crash when his pickup truck veered across the center line of the two-lane highway hitting an oncoming semi-truck head on.

The semi truck, which was loaded with drywall, jackknifed into the oncoming lane and then hit a Yukon head on before rolling over onto a compact Mitsubishi Eclipse. A fifth vehicle, a truck, then ran into the wreckage.

Satran's truck rolled several times and he was left with minor injuries. The driver of the SUV, 42-year-old Thomas Gamblin of Belfair, died at the scene. The driver of the Eclipse was extracted from underneath the tractor-trailer after two hours. He was transferred to the Harborview Medical Center in Seattle with serious but not life-threatening injuries. The three occupants in the 18-wheeler were unhurt.

As emergency workers cleared the scene, they found a pipe bomb in the small pickup truck's cab. The scene was then cleared as Washington State Police brought in a robot to safely remove and retrieve the bomb. It was then taken to a remote location. Highway 3 was closed all day and did not reopen until after 6 PM.

Cole Satran was placed under arrest for possessing an explosive device and is booked at the Kitsap County Jail. His criminal record dates back to 2001 and includes a conviction for possession of meth felony for which he spent three months in jail. His criminal history also includes reckless driving, fourth-degree assault, a harassment charge, and a dangerous weapon violation.

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