Boat speeding and boating under the influence may have been factors in a deadly crash on Lake Roosevelt last weekend, which left one Washington State high school teacher dead and another in critical condition.

Republic, WA, Teacher Drowns In Lake Roosevelt Boat Accident

Posted on Apr 09, 2009

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the Associated Press reported this week that a boat accident on Lake Roosevelt in Washington has resulted in the drowning death of one and the critical injury of another. Both men involved in the boating accident taught in the Republic, Washington, public school system.

English Teacher and debate coach Dan Walling, 46, died from the boating accident which occurred on Friday, April 3, while colleague and vocational education teacher Ted Torzewski, 43, was left with very serious injuries. As of Sunday, the surviving teacher remained at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, according to Republic School System Principal Shawn Anderson.

The two men were fishing when their boat struck rocks and crashed. When other boaters found the accident, Walling was dead and Tozewski was unconscious. Lincoln County Sheriff Wade Mangers and the National Park Service say the case is under investigation, and that boat speeding and boating under the influence may have been factors in the crash.

A public announcement from the school system alerted parents and community members about the incident and said that a crisis response team would be at the schools in order to assist both students and staff in the wake of the tragedy.

"All who knew him will miss Mr. Walling," the announcement read. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to both families and their friends."

Walling, who had taught at the school for five years, was mourned by his debate team, who wore camouflage armbands in his honor on Monday. Walling was known to wear camouflage to debate meets.  An official memorial service will be held on Friday.

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