A new book chronicles the six years following an I-405 unsecured load accident near Seattle in which a woman was critically injured by a flying board from a U-Haul truck. The car accident lead to a new law about unsecured loads in Washington State.

Seattle Woman Writes Book About I-405 Unsecured Load Accident

Posted on Jun 18, 2010

Some people think that unsecured load car crashes are “freak accidents,” but they are not. In reality, they are the result of someone’s negligence to properly tie down their load. Perhaps no one knows this better than Seattle author and car accident survivor Maria Federici, who survived a horrific unsecured load accident and lived to write about her tale and to change Washington law.

In 2002, Federici was driving home from work on I-405 when a six-foot board flew off of a truck and into her windshield. Doctors told her family she would never survive her WA car accident injuries, but six years later, Federici has recovered and is now an advocate of properly tied loads and road debris safety. Now, a new book called “Out of Nowhere,” written by Federici’s mother, chronicles both Federici’s struggle to recover from the physical injuries of her accident, to reclaim her old life, and to change state laws regarding unsecured loads.

Also after the Washington car accident, Federici filed a car accident injury lawsuit against U-Haul in King County. The jury awarded her $15.5 million in damages, and Federici was left with enough money for her ongoing medical care by her mother, Robin Abel.

"Maria's Law," is now on the books in Washington State, a law that makes unsecured loads that cause injury a gross misdemeanor that can result in $5,000 in fines and time in jail. In addition, those who are seriously injured in an unsecured load car accident are now eligible for Washington State Crime Victims Compensation funds.

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