After a vicious pit bull attack last year, Colleen Lynn has started a crusade in Seattle to raise awareness about dog attacks, dog bites, and pit bull dangers. This month, she released a tribute video for pit bull attack victims.

Seattle-based Dog Bite Organization Launches Educational Video on Pit Bull Awareness Day

Posted on Oct 29, 2008

On June 17, 2007, Colleen Lynn was jogging in her home of Seattle, Washington, when she was attacked by a leashed pit bull. The attack resulted in a two-day stay at Harborview Medical Center and a surgery for a severe bone fracture from the dog bites.

Four months later, Lynn founded, a national not-for-profit website that seeks to educate the public about dog attacks and dangerous breeds of dogs, specifically pit bulls. advocates a pit bull ban that prevents attacks before they occur, a mandatory say and neuter law, a regulation requiring identification and liability insurance for dangerous dog owners, and a law that prevents felons from owning pit bulls.

Lynn's organization has declared October 25 Pit Bull Awareness Day. For the day, the national dog bit victim's group will release a five-minute video that documents the 127 pit bull attacks that have occurred in the US between July and September of 2008. The video shows the pictures, names, and ages of the animal attack victims as well as their city and state. The video also highlights the six deaths that pit bulls caused during this time period.

The tribute video to the victims of dog attacks also share dog bite statistics with the audience. According to Lynn, 158 people were injured, 63% of the injuries were serious, and 10% of the injuries involved severed body parts.

"In the past year, we've documented about 250 U.S. cities that regulate pit bulls," said Lynn. "The only question is, why haven't more? Countless cities suffer from the pit bull problem: too many pit bulls and too many attacks. Progressive policymakers understand that the key to preventing these attacks is through regulation."

The passing of breed-specific dog laws are controversial measures across the country. Many opponents of the laws claim that they unfairly discriminate against pit bulls, the vast majority of which never harm other animal or humans. However, other aspects Lynn's crusade are showing up in new dog ordinances across the country, such as the laws requiring liability insurance for dangerous dogs and the special rules requiring aggressive dogs to be fenced and tethered.

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