A young man was hit by a boat while Kayaking in American Lake, suffering a serious head injury and other internal injuries. Police are still investigating the incident, although they do not believe negligence was a factor in the boat accident.

Tacoma Boat And Kayak Collision Leaves Boy In Critical Condition

Posted on Mar 23, 2009

The 14-year-old boy critically injured in an apparent hit-and-run boat and kayak collision last week near Tacoma remains in an induced coma and in critical condition at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. His family reports that there have been some improvements in the boy's condition.

At the same time, police have reported that the boater responsible for the accident has been located after a search.

The boy, David Kenny Ross (known as DK), was kayaking on American Lake on Sunday in his bright orange boat while his father, David, followed along in his powerboat. However, when David crossed the lake, he couldn't spot his son on the water. When he found the kayak, it was overturned without a sign of DK, a Spanaway High School student, near it.

"The boat was orange. The raincoat was orange. You could see him," Hermansen said Monday afternoon. "They just left him in the water, face down."

On another part of the lake, a fisherman found the boy floating facedown in the water and pulled him to shore where medics attended to the boy. He was rushed to the hospital with brain swelling and other internal injuries. He remains in intensive care and has had his spleen removed, five surgeries, and a number of broken ribs.

In the days after the accident, police have reported finding the boater who caused the accident, according to MSNBC and King 5 News. Lakewood Police do not believe any longer that the case is a hit-and-run, nor do they believe that there was negligence or carelessness involved - sign have begun to point to a simple, tragic accident.

Those near the family have reported that the same fisherman who pulled the boy from the water has come forward as the boater who hit the kayaker. Police say the man who came forward knew he hit something, but didn't know what.

"We would like everybody for their prayers and well wishes for David Kenny Ross," said David Hermansen. "It's nice to have closure. It's nice not to have to chase after ghosts."

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