Three separate motorcycle accidents across Washington State over the past few weeks have all been caused by dangerous driving decisions, such as speeding, wheelies, and taking curves at high speeds.

Three Washington State Motorcycle Accidents End In Serious Injury

Posted on Dec 11, 2008

Three separate motorcycle accidents have lead to serious injury and one fatality over the past month in Washington State. All three accidents involved unsafe driving on the part of the bike rider: passing in a no-pass zone, doing wheelies, and taking curves too fast. All three drivers were allegedly speeding.

In the first accident, reported by out of Clark County, Washington, 22-year-old Alec Thomale was riding north near Vancouver Lake on Northwest Ewin O. Rieger Memorial Highway on Sunday when he crashed into a man turning left into a gravel parking area. The motorcycle struck Miguel Martinez Mariscal, 20, in the left front panel of his vehicle.

Witnesses to the crash told Washington Police that Thomale was speeding and doing wheelies prior to the crash, and may have been trying to pass Thomale on the left. He was thrown from his bike and suffered head trauma and body trauma. He was transferred to Emanuel Hospital and remains in critical condition.

In a second crash, a motorcyclist was injured when he hit an unmarked curb at night. Also reported by the Columbian, a Washougal, WA, biker lost control of his motorcycle on the onramp to Highway 14. He was brought to the Southwest Washington Medical Center with minor injures. Washington State Police ticketed him for speeding and for lacking a motorcycle endorsement.

In a third crash, the Port Orchard Independent reported that Hans David Bromm, 30, of Port Orchard, WA, attempted to pass two cars in a no-passing zone on Sedgwick Road on Novemeber 13. He lost control of his vehicle, veered off the road, and hit a sign according to a Washington State Police incident report.

Although he was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center, he died four days later from his severe internal injuries.

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