The sole survivor of a deadly wrong way interstate accident that killed both of his parents, a three-year-old Washington toddler is finding a new normal while living with his aunt, uncle, and two cousins.

Toddler Starts New Life After Parents Killed By Wrong Way Driver

Posted on Feb 20, 2011

We were all saddened to hear the tragic story of 3-year-old Brennen Davidson Metzger, a toddler who lost both of his parents in a gruesome wrong-way accident on Interstate 82 in Washington State in November. But what happened to the orphan in the wake of the accident, and what does his future look like now?

On November 28, Brennen was in the car with his parents, 30-year-old Steve Lee Metzger of Kennewick and 27-year-old Heather Davidson of Richland, when his life changed forever. In dense fog, the family had only seconds to react to a wrong-way driver on I-82 who slammed into their car. The wrong way driver, 26-year-old Marco De La Mora of Pasco, and Brennen’s parents all died in the head-on collision. Only Brennen survived, with no more than a gash across his forehead that doctors say will heal and fade over time.

Now Brennen is living with his aunt and uncle, Michelle and Josh Herrin of Kennewick, along with his two young cousins, 4-year-old Aubrey and 2-year-old Jack. The Herrins say that he is adjusting well and that they have placed pictures of his parents throughout the house.

While Brennen is adjusting to his new life and healing from the accident, the Washington State Patrol and the car accident victims’ families are still baffled by why the vehicle accident took place to begin with. De La Mora was not using drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash, though his family says that he was a diabetic who could have been affected by complications from his illness. At the same time, the weather was extremely foggy on the day of the crash, and the young man could have simply become confused on his way home from work.

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